Nyantereum International



Nyantereum International

Established as a cryptocurrency token, it now is a worldwide anticipated Binance contract token with worldwide active community!

Merged from Ethereum and Nyancat in a succesful design.


Nyantereum International is a cryptocurrency token based on the Binance Smart Chain.

It was first introduced in 2020 and was distributed amongst early contributors to the project.

A worldwide interested network in claimers and promoting people for Nyantereum International is a steady developing impact factor for its cryptocurrency token and community.

Nyantereum’s totals supply is NYANTE, brought into circulation within its lifetime.

Ethereum inspired, Nyancat theme migration with a colorful design is driving its community and crypocurrency token worldwide.

A strong and expanding community behind Nyantereum International is adding more and more value to its token to also serve as a store for wealth on its Binance contract.

contract address:


A Binance cryptocurrency token for worldwide distribution.

All implementations in worldwide cryptocurrency trading platform’s are set on our internal roadmap.

The Team behind Nyantereum International is working hard towardsachieving global market access on these mentioned markets available to the public.

maintained & distributed

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